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Writing a dissertation is the most difficult task in your academic career, no wonder the vast majority of students struggle with some parts more than others.

You may find it hard to locate the necessary sources for the literature review, write a rigorous methodology, analyse statistics and draw sound conclusions and recommendations from your research. Whatever part you need help with – we can help! All you need to do is to fill in this form.


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Dissertation topic & plan

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This is our most popular service. From dissertation topic to finishing touches, we will take complete care of your dissertation.Order your Dissertation (full) and get 4% discount with promo code part4.

Can you finish my dissertation? – our clients ask. Yes, we can.

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Our clients order chapters or parts of their dissertations for several reasons. Some are running out of time, others can not obtain access to the data or resources they require, others simply want help with the most difficult parts of their dissertations, to ensure they deal with the rest of their work and get a high grade. Whatever your situation is – our team of expert writers are available to help you right now.
A badly defined introduction can mean that your study doesn’t have the right aims and objectives or that it doesn’t introduce your dissertation well enough. This will mean that the first impression of your dissertation marker will be bad, which will have an overall effect on your grade. In fact the introduction is usually written last. With our help your introduction will be structured well and presented professionally, your aims and objectives will be clearly outlined and your marker will have a great first impression. Start your dissertation in the best possible way.
The literature review is the basis of your dissertation – a poor literature review will mean that the rest of your dissertation will suffer. You will not identify suitable gaps in the knowledge, your methodology will not be properly supported, and your discussion chapter will not be able to compare your results to other studies in the area. With our help the basis of your dissertation will be as strong as it can be. We can help you identify the best and most relevant literature which you can use to formulate your research aim, objectives and build a sound methodology for your research.
The methodology chapter is very important, as it is explaining your methods of research. Making mistakes in the methodology may be crucial to the success of your dissertation. Not including enough information in the methodology will lead to problems with validity and reliability, while using the wrong methods will mean that the whole research is incorrect. With our help, you will get a professionally written methodology, utilising the most relevant philosophy, strategy and approach along with the suitable data collection methods. We can also help with data collection methods: e.g. questionnaires.
Students may struggle with collecting the data, tabulating the data, analysing the data or presenting the analysis of the data. This chapter is really the most important (you’re presenting the results of all of your hard work!), yet it can also be the hardest to get just right. With our help your data can be analysed using necessary software packages (e.g. SPSS, Excel, eViews and etc), sorted and presented professionally, drawing all suitable conclusions from the data you collected. We may use suitable graphs, charts and tables to present your findings in the best possible way.
In this chapter, you must compare your results to the studies you have discussed in the literature review as well as discuss how they relate to the hypotheses or research questions. It can be very difficult. We can help ensure that your discussion brings your whole dissertation together properly by relating your findings to all of your previous chapters and then forming sound recommendations. Now that you can see how every chapter influences the discussion, why not order them all at once with a full dissertation?
In this chapter you need to draw conclusions from your discussion and overall research. This is usually harder than it sounds: not only you would be running out of time, but you need to take into account the bigger picture, relating your findings to the other studies. You also need to discuss value of your research along with its limitations – this can be very tricky, since this required in-depth understanding and ability to criticise your own work. This chapter is, however, worth a substantial number of marks. Let us get it right for you!
You may also find those other small parts which make up the dissertation quite difficult. We can help with data collection (very important if you plan to perform primary research), create questionnaires of interview questions, ethics forms, acknowledgements, reflective reports and abstracts. Missing any of these sections may mean you lose marks unnecessarily. We can ensure that you do the simple things well so that you get the grade you deserve at the end. If you’re struggling with any part of your dissertation, no matter whether it seems important or pointless, we can help!

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