Free and Chargeable Dissertation Extras

Here at we are totally devoted to your success and provide lots of extras to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

 Free Extras

Topic Creation

Your writer will work with you to create an interesting Dissertation Topic you are happy with.


This is the first thing your tutor will see in your Dissertation. Your writer will ensure that your Tutor is impressed from the very start.

Contents Page

This will make your Dissertation much easier to navigate

References and Bibliography

The work we complete is fully referenced and will include a reference list and/or bibliography. Simply select the referencing style you want your writer to use e.g Harvard (No Page Numbers), Footnote, OSCOLA etc.

Specific Models

You can ask your writer to include certain models by specifying these in your order form.

Specific Sources

You can ask your writer to refer to particular sources by specifying these in your order form.

Charts, graphs and tables

Your writer will ensure that everything in your Dissertation is well presented and in the appropriate format.


You can ask your writer to include certain images you have found or to incorporate some images of their own.

Free Statistical Analysis (with any Dissertation (full) order)

If you order the Dissertation (Full) service, your writer will complete any statistical analysis that may be required if you order your Dissertation (Full), for no extra charge. You can even specify the type of software you would like your writer to use e.g. SPSS, Stata, Eviews etc.

Delivered in 3 parts

The standard delivery procedure for a Dissertation (Full) is:

  • Dissertation Topic – if you haven’t already chosen one
  • Outline
  • First Half
  • Completed Dissertation

This will ensure that you can be 100% happy with the progress your writer is making at every stage.

21 day FREE amendments period

With any Dissertation (Full) order you will have 21 days in total to ask for changes:

  • 7 days after the first half is sent to you
  • 14 days after the completed dissertation has been sent to you

For any other order type relating to a Dissertation you will have 7 days to request free amendments.

The time you have to ask for amendments can be extended for an additional charge when you place your order.

 Chargeable Extras

Up to 10 Drafts – Chapter-by-Chapter Delivery

Your writer can provide you with drafts of your order so that you can check you are happy with the progress your writer is making at more regular intervals.

Up to 4 months to request amendments

You can extend the time you have to ask for changes to be made, for free, to up to 4 months. This is perfect if your tutor is not very quick at getting back to you as it will allow you to request changes when your tutor has provided you with feedback.

Primary Research help

Primary Data Collection can be very difficult to collect. Your writer can use your preferred Primary Data Collection method including Questionnaires and Interviews.

Empirical Data Collection

If you are struggling to collect the data you need from Bloomberg, Mintel, Thomson ONE Banker, Datastream etc. our writers can help you with this. Your writer will deliver the data in a clear and logical way, using the software you request.


You can select the number of slides and also whether or not you would like speech notes/comments to accompany your Presentation.


Our writers can help you prepare an A1, A2, A3 or A4 poster. They can also put together some speech notes / comments to accompany your Poster.


You can ask your writer to include specific models or sources in the appendices, or ask them to include copies of Primary Research or other related materials. This can help add depth and clarity to your dissertation, often increasing the grade it is awarded.

Reflective Log/Diary

Your writer can include a reflective log or diary alongside the dissertation. This is a Dissertation Requirement on some courses, and can be very hard to complete.


Our writers can help you to produce an interesting Proposal that your tutor will approve.

Additional references for a Dissertation Plan

Our writers can help provide you with some key additional references to refer to when completing your full Dissertation.