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Why order Dissertation Statistical Services?

  • Comprehensive statistical analysis can raise the standard of a dissertation by up to 30% – it can take a dissertation from a 3rd to a 1st.
  • Statistical analysis is one of the hardest parts of your Dissertation
  • Many students have ambitiously planned to use complex analysis techniques and then found themselves stuck with an enormous dataset but lacking the experience to properly analyse it.
  • It can be difficult to know if the analysis you are completing is correct
  • By ordering your Statistical Analysis through us, you can be sure that your data is being correctly analysed by an expert with a lot of experience in the field.
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What is Statistical Analysis?

The statistical analysis in your dissertation is closely related to both the methodology and analysis of findings chapters. Your methodology will outline which statistical analyses you will use to analyse the data, while your analysis of findings chapter outlines the results of your statistical analysis. The choice of analysis method depends on

What is Quantitative Analysis?

Quantitative Analysis involves the analysis of figures. This type of analysis ranges widely, and can stretch from a simple t-test to the trickier meta-analysis, logical and binomial regressions or even multi-dimensional scaling. Quantitative Analysis is far more structured than Qualitative Analysis. Quantitative Analysis is used for analysing any numerical data collected as part of your dissertation.

What is Qualitative Analysis?

Qualitative Analysis is the analysis of text. This analysis could be in the form of content or thematic analysis for texts collected as part of a literature review. Qualitative Analysis techniques also include the Grounded Theory Approach or IPA; both of which can be applied to interview or focus group data which you have collected. These analysis methods are much more open ended than quantitative analysis.

Softwares available for Statistical Analysis

Whether you require complex quantitative analysis or multiple types of qualitative analysis, our dissertation support team will ensure that your writer is not only able to use the software that you require, but also that they are proficient in the type of analysis that you select.

The software programs that these professional statisticians are proficient in include:

  • Excel
  • SPSS
  • Matlab
  • EViews
  • R
  • Stata
  • LaTeX
  • Polystat
  • If you would like your writer to use different software just ask!

Statistical Analysis Techniques

Our writers can use the following techniques to analyse your data:

  • Basic statistics
  • Descriptive statistics (Mean, Median, Mode, Standard deviation, Range, Charts & Graphs)
  • Probability (Basic theorems on probability / Conditional probability)
  • Discrete probability distributions (Binomial, Poisson, Geometric, Hyper geometric)
  • Continuous probability distributions (Normal, T, Chi Square, F)
  • Z score
  • Confidence Interval for Mean, Standard Deviation and Proportion
  • Hypothesis test about mean and proportion
  • Hypothesis test about Standard Deviation and Variance
  • ANOVA (One way / Two way)
  • Correlation (Pearson’s correlation, Rank correlation)
  • Biostatistics
  • Linear regression (Simple linear regression / Multiple linear regression)
  • Non-linear regression
  • Logistic regression
  • Non-parametric test (Chi square , Run test , Sign test , Mann Whitney U test, Wilcoxon’s paired sign rank test, Kruskal Wallis Test)
  • Statistical Quality Control (chart, R chart, C chart, P chart, NP chart)
  • Decision theory
  • Game Theory
  • Linear Programming Problem
  • Time Series Analysis (Moving average, Exponential smoothing, Fitting trend and Seasonal models)
  • Index Numbers

How to Order Statistical Analysis for your Dissertation

To order Statistical Services, simply fill out the order form. Ensure that you select Statistical Analysis in the Order Type dropdown and specify your deadline.

In the further requirements, you will be able to select whether you will provide the data or whether your writer will need to collect it for you, and you will be able to provide further information over what it is that you need.

If you would like to order Statistical Services in a Dissertation (Part) order, simply fill out the order form for a Dissertation (Part).

When the order form asks whether you would like the writer to perform any data analysis, select YES. This will then change your order to a deposit order, which will allow us to get the most accurate quote for your Dissertation (Part).

Ensure that you tell the dissertation support team what software you need to be used, and what techniques will need to be undertaken. The best results are often found when the writer is able to see what has been done so far on the dissertation, so that they can fully understand the analysis required.

Free Extras

As part of our Statistical Service we offer:
  • Choice of Software
  • Ability to stipulate Specific sources to be used
  • Fully referenced analysis
  • A minimum of 7 days to ask for changes to be made to your Statistical Analysis

Chargeable Extras:

For a small extra charge we can also offer:
  • A plan to allow you to see how the writer intends to tackle your statistical analysis
  • A draft which enables you to see how the analysis is coming along
  • A reflective log/diary
  • The ability to extend the FREE amendments period to up to 3 months

Statistical Services Guarantees

As with all the services we offer, you are covered by 10 guarantees:
  • Your Statistical Analysis will be 100% plagiarism free or your money back
  • Written by a suitably qualified writer with a degree from a UK University
  • Your Statistical Analysis will be completed to the standard you have requested (1st, 2:1 or 2:2)
  • Your Statistical Analysis will be matched to the requirements you send.
  • You will have a minimum of seven days to request free amendments to your Dissertation Statistical Analysis
  • Your Statistical Analysis will be delivered on or before your deadline.
  • Your Statistical Analysis will be fully referenced and come with a free reference list and/or bibliography.
  • Our service is 100% confidential – nobody will ever know that you have used our services
  • Your Statistical Analysis will NEVER be resold.
  • 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!

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