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The dissertation topic is very important for your dissertation, as a bad topic can make your research impossible to complete, present very low value, waste lots of time and consequently not allow you to achieve the grade you deserve. On the other hand a GOOD dissertation topic will allow you to save lots of time and obtain a great dissertation topic: interesting, manageable and giving you scope to write your dissertation to 1st standard.


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Your writer will work with you to improve existing topics or suggest new dissertation topics – to ensure you are 100% happy with your dissertation topic.

Your dissertation topic needs to be:

  • Manageable – something that you will manage to cover within the available word count
  • Original – has not been written about too extensively, thus leaving room for an original contribution
  • Relevant – the topic will be relevant to your current studies as well as your possible future studies and/or career
  • Interesting – something that will interest you, so you will enjoy researching and writing on the topic

When creating your topics we will take into account the degree subject that this dissertation will be based on, the level at which you are studying, and any personal preferences which you have identified on your order form. This ensures that we create an interesting and exciting topic for you. To create relevant and functional topics for you, we complete extensive research on the extant literature. We undertake a thorough search of reputable journals, books, conference papers and textbooks to ensure that your topics are not only interesting, but that they have identified a gap in the literature. Based on this research, our expert academics create topics which are aimed at filling these identified gaps in the literature. This means that you will be researching a brand new idea instead of rehashing an old one, a concept which can often be the difference between a 2:2 and a 1st.

Good Topic - Key to Success of Your Dissertation

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