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When ordering, you have 10 guarantees which you can rely on.

The paper you receive from us will be 100% plagiarism free. If it isn’t, you will get your money back.
Your work will only ever be worked on by a writer with a UK degree at 2:1 or above, who has at least secured the same level of qualification that they are writing for.
Your paper will be written to the standard which you select (1st, 2:1 or 2:2).
Your paper will match the initial instructions you send.
You will receive, as standard, free amendments for seven days for assignments, and for 21 days for dissertations.
The work will be delivered on or before your deadline.
The paper will be fully referenced with a reference list/bibliography always provided.
Your order with us will be 100% confidential.
The paper we send to you will never be resold.
You are guaranteed 100% satisfaction!

As Insta Research do not mark your papers, they cannot guarantee the grade which you will receive. There are two reasons for this.

The first is that these papers are written for reference purposes only, therefore should not be submitted in the form that they are sent to you. To find out more about this, please review the recommended use policy.

The second reason is that every tutor marks differently, and while the paper may be of the standard which you have requested, Insta Research cannot guarantee that this is the grade which your tutor will give it.

Insta Research are unable to estimate the cost of your order without knowing a little more detail about it. To get an accurate no obligation quotation, please fill in our order form.

For confidentiality reasons, Insta Research do not allow direct contact between the writer and yourself. If you need to send them a message, you will need to send it to Insta Research, who will then forward it on to the writer completely unchanged. Insta Research will then forward their reply to you as soon as it is sent.

Your dissertation will be sent to you via email, either on or before the deadline which you choose.

You cannot hand in the work which Insta Research send to you. The paper which Insta Research sends to you should be used for research purposes and as a study aid only. For advice on how to correctly use the work Insta Research send to you, please see the our Recommended Use Policy

No, the service is 100% confidential.

It is not cheating to ask for help with your dissertation. The work Insta Research provides is to be used for research purposes only. As long as the paper is used in line with the Recommended Use Policy, you are not cheating.

Yes. If used in line with the Recommended Use Policy, this service is 100% legal.

Certainly. You can order 5 dissertation topics for £39.99, or alternatively, you will receive free custom-written topics when ordering any Dissertation (Full), Proposal or Dissertation Topic and Plan/Outline.

Yes. As part of the Dissertation Topic and Plan/Outline service, you will receive a list of topics. Once you have selected your favourite, your writer will write an outline or plan of the dissertation that they will complete for you.

If you’ve already come up with a topic but aren’t sure where to go next, you can also have a full plan written based on this topic.

Please note that if you order a full dissertation, you will receive a plan for free!

To get help with your Proposal, simply fill out the order form and ensure that you select Proposal on the Order Type drop-down box. If you order your Proposal and Dissertation together at the same time, you will receive 40% of the price of the proposal off of your dissertation. If your proposal costs £200, this means that you would receive £80 off of the cost of your dissertation!

Insta Research can also help with dissertation parts or chapters.If you would like help with just a specific part or chapter, simply fill out the Order form and ensure that you select Dissertation (Part) in the Order Type drop-down.

Insta Research are able to help with all types of statistical analysis as well as completing the statistical analysis chapter. Your statistical analysis will be free when you order full dissertation. Should you only statistics done, we recommend that you order a dissertation chapter (analysis of findings).

Insta Research are able to help with all Primary Data collection, whether this is for dissertations or standalone assignments. Their writers can help you design questionnaires or interview questions so that you can collect primary data on your own, or for an extra charge, can fabricate data relevant to your topic for you.

Yes, Insta Research can offer a comprehensive dissertation proofreading service. To order this proofreading service, select the ‘Editing, Improvement and Proofreading’ option in the Service Type section on the Order Form, ensuring that you then select the appropriate options which match what you would like your writer to do.

Insta Research’s team of academic writers are able to edit your dissertation according to your requirements. Whether this is editing according to your supervisor’s comments, cleaning up the spelling and grammar, or even proofreading and then adding sections, this can all be done. To order this editing service, select the ‘Editing, Improvement and Proofreading’ option in the Service Type section on the Order Form. You can then select what editing you would like your writer to undertake

Yes, Insta Research are able to help with theses of all levels. Thesis is another name for dissertation, so should you require a thesis done – please place an order for dissertation (full).

Free extras offered on the dissertation service include: Topic Creation, Abstract, Contents Page, References and Bibliography, Specific Models or Sources, Statistical analysis of data, the paper will be delivered in 3 parts, and a 21 day free amendments period. Chargeable extras include: Up to 10 drafts, up to 4 months free amendments, primary research help, a presentation, appendices, and a reflective log/diary.

You can make Card payments via SagePay and PayPal using Visa, Visa Debit, Electron, Mastercard and Maestro OR pay via PayPal. This can be done directly from your PayPal account or using Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex.

You can also make payment via a deposit or transfer to Insta Research’s bank accounts. Insta Research have accounts with Lloyds and HSBC. UK based clients can make payment by cash deposit or bank transfer. Those outside of the UK may also make a transfer using IBAN and SWIFT (BIC).

Yes, payment in instalments can be arranged on large orders and dissertations. If you would like to make payment in instalments, simply reply to the email sent to you by Insta Research and advise that you would like to pay in instalments. An instalment plan can then be arranged.
In most cases you will be required to pay 60% of the fee up front in order for the writer to start work with the remaining 40% due after the writer has completed the first half of the work.
You can pay in either 2 or 3 instalments.

To pay in 2 instalments, you would usually be required to pay 60% of the price up front, with the remaining 40% due after the writer has completed the first half of the work.

Payment in 3 instalments can also be arranged; however this would incur an additional 10% administration charge. To learn more about this, please contact customer services via any of the options found here.

The first deliverable is the free outline. This will outline how the writer plans to go about the dissertation. The standard dissertation delivery procedure is then for the order to be delivered in two halves. The first half consists of either 50% of the word count, or a completed Introduction, Literature Review and Methodology. Once this has been sent to you, you will have a 7 day free amendments period. Once you have confirmed that you are happy for your writer to continue, they will begin work on the second half (the rest of the order). Once you receive this, you will have a 14-day free amendments period.
Yes, although please note that this is a chargeable extra.
If you need changes to be made to your order, please use the Amendments form, which will be sent to you as a link alongside your completed order. When asking for amendments, please ensure that ALL of your amendments have been sent to the writer, as only one set of free amendments will be made. Additionally, amendments which are outside of the scope of the original requirements will be chargeable, even within the seven day free amendments period.
On standard orders, you will receive a 7 day free amendments period. On dissertation orders, you will receive a 21 day free amendments period, spread over the two halves.
If you show your work to your tutor and they ask you to make changes, a number of factors will affect whether Insta Research can make these changes for free. Firstly, changes must be requested within the free amendments period. Secondly, the changes requested must match up with the standard paid for. Finally, if the tutor is requesting changes which are outside the scope of the original requirements, these will still be chargeable.