What is a dissertation methodology

A dissertation’s methodology may consist of four parts:

1. Participants
2. Instruments
3. Procedures and
4. Data analysis

In general, the Dissertation Methodology refers to the use and selection of particular strategies and tools for data gathering and analysis. Some methodologies hold both data gathering and analysis, such as content analysis, ethnography and semiotic analysis. Others apply to a single section i.e. either to gathering or analysing data. The dissertation methodology supports each statement in your dissertation paper by referring to the original work or to the published scientific literature.

The section on methodology section should include a justification for the choice of methodology for data gathering and data analysis. In that you should consider what alternative methodological tools and strategies might have been employed, and their advantages and limitations for the purpose of your dissertation. Your choice of methodologies should be related to the theoretical framework outlined earlier in your literature review.

The dissertation methodology is based on your research question as well as on the goals you set out to attain. Your description of the methodology has to be as clear and understandable as the research question. You must take into account the ‘laypersons’, those individuals who will read your dissertation but will not be experts in your field. Your methodology must be written in a way that a layperson can pick it up and know what you have planned and why.

Here is a step by step guide to completing your dissertation methodology chapter:-

  • Try to create a plan or an overview overview of your dissertation. Use this to write your methodology, as it can be very helpful to know what your next step will be. This will ensure that you do not miss an important issue.
  • Plan your time to assign yourself a time period in which you should be able to check your work and correct mistakes. Also check the accuracy of the presented information.
  • Plan to conduct thorough research, which you will present in your dissertation methodology.
  • Gather literature sources, which will contain the information for your dissertation methodology.
  • Analsze your practical achievements and the theoretical issues write there results in the dissertation methodology.

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